About Thyrsie Cahoon

My mission is to use watercolor painting as a means to give hope and inspiration to others from a christian worldview.

I am currently a representational painter, who hopes my viewers will experience the awe and wonder of creation, the seen and the unseen.

Born in Michigan, I call Arkansas my home. I majored in art as a Freshman at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in 1977. I ended up getting a major in zoology and masters degree in library science.

My mom and dad first introduced me to art when they gave me a piece of paper and pencil. I remember my first scribbles, with mom and dad admiring what I had done. As a child, I studied with various local instructors. Later at the University of Arkansas I studied with professors there.

My artistic influences are: Winslow Homer, Henri Matisse, Judi Betts, and most recently Carol Carter and David Arms.

Major artistic obstacles I have encountered in life are simply finding the time for art. I work full time as an office manager, having raised two children, my greatest artistic challenge has been balancing home life with work. This is why I am so excited about using a watercolor journal. A journal is portable, affordable, and inspirational. I think it fits with current lifestyles.

My art has changed over my career in that now I am mentally able to finish work. I have become more disciplined in following through with my projects. I began using watercolor over other mediums because watercolors weren’t as toxic. I haven’t progressed from watercolor, I can’t seem to master the medium!

Visual themes present in my artwork to date have been the importance of color, a love of nature, and more recently, a passion to manifest invisible things like hope and faith.